EDI - Electronic Invoicing

Increase productivity and revenue
Get Time Back

Complete automated invoice processing to reduce your paperwork and data entry. Increase profit by reducing office employees that process your invoices manually. Increase accuracy and data integrity by automating the invoicing process.

EDI is a great time-saver and C-Store Online invoice processing software allows you to use EDI with any supplier who can deliver an electronic invoice. To take advantage of this feature, your vendor sends the invoices to us, we process it and then post the invoices to your pending invoices file in your C-Store Online account. All invoice data, including item-level data, is available to you so that you can correct errors and update your price book right from the invoice.
  • Complete Automated Inventory
  • See price changes from the Vendors directly in your invoices
  • Save time and money
  • No manual entries
  • Invoice Payment Tracking

It is a fast and efficient way to process your invoices and, as more and more suppliers adopt EDI standards, your time savings are only going to increase.