How secure is our data?
Over 60 years of combined development experience in web application security industry, we have the best and top notch architecture that prevents your data from any kind of intrusion and keeps it safe. Our application is built on top of the SSL Layer which is the most sophisticated security system available on the Internet. Our physical servers are distributed over many geographical locations to make it disaster recovery safe. Our backup systems keeps backup of data up to every second for your peace of mind. We have dedicated engineers who are professionals in Internet Security and are GIAC certified (Global Information Assurance Certification) who monitor our systems 24/7 to keep your data safe and secure.
How do I access the software?
Our software is completely online web based application which means you can access it from any computer, any where in the world as long as you have an internet connection. You do not have to go through all the pain of installing the software on your machine or anything. Just type the url in the web browser and you have the access to the entire system from anywhere you want it.
What hardware will I need?
If you have upgraded your register to Ruby Commander than all you need is a static IP address from your ISP (Internet Service). There is no need to have a computer in store. For all other registers you would require a computer in store. You will also need a back office connector kit to connect your computer with the register. We recommend you get a wireless handheld scanner for quick grocery purchase delivery scans and nightly scratch-off readings.
What kind of registers do you support?
We are official partners with Dresser Wayne Nucleus, Gilbarco Passport and VeriFone Ruby/Sapphire. We support all of these registers with our back office software.
What if I want a special report that you guys don't have?
We have hundreds of reports in our back office software. Chances are very rare that you may need a report that we do not have it already. In that case our development team would look at the requirement and add the reports as per your request.
Does your software allow to back up the register price book?
Yes, our software allows you to backup and download to your local computer the entire price book that you can use later to restore with. At any time you can download or update the price book from scratch within the matter of minutes.
Can your software read data from the Fuel Tank automatically?
Yes, if you have a device that is required to monitor your fuel tank and it's hooked up to the register, than our software can pull all the data including inventory, water level etc.
Are there any contracts?
No. There are no contracts. Just month to month contracts that can be canceled at any time or upgraded or downgraded to any other plans.
Do you support Electronic Invoices - EDI?
Yes. We support all major vendors. Some of them are CoreMark, McLane, Amcon, Hackney, Petrey etc. There are no extra cost to setup with any of these vendors.
Can I use scanner to do the inventory of my store?
Ofcourse. You can use any of our partner's scanners to do the entire store inventory including Lottery.
Can I setup price changes for future dates?
Yes. You can set the price chagnes for future dates using our softwares for any items in your store.
Do I get support if I have any problems or questions?
Yes. We have our support team that can help you 24/7 over the phone and using remote login at no extra cost to you.