Gain control over your retail Inventory

Automatically sync and track EDI Invoices, stock quantities and sales.

Inventory Control That Simply Works

Inventory is the number one concern when we are dealing with the convenience stores.
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Take back your life by streamlining the manual inventory tasks that steal away your hours
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Fill your brain with actionable insights that will help you make better moves for your business
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Set the foundation to scale with inventory best practices and automation

CSO inventory modules allow you to track inventory at item level which allows you to reduce theft and allows you to reduce shrinkage. CSO is a fast, simple, and flexible solution that drives efficiency across financial and operational processes, gives store owners the insight they need, when they need it, and improves overall efficiency. Accessible online and on mobile devices and deployed in the cloud or on-premises, CSO can turn your business into a more responsive organization. See for yourself why customers have selected CSO as their back office solution of choice.

Our inventory management tools will help your employees maximize turn and slash inventory levels by improving inventory quality and weeding out dead and slow-moving items. Automatically read electronic invoices using our EDI module thus save time and money. Read electronics invoices from key provider and manage paid out.

Maximize turns and minimize a inventory investment, maximize the sales. Modify the retail, cost, categories and descriptions using our inventory tool instantly.
Read electronics invoices from key providers and vendors. Manage pay outs and track the expenses. Generate reports to analyze the sales and purchase to help better purchasing power

  • Track Inventory
  • Maximize turns and minimize a inventory investment
  • Electronics Invoices
  • Better purchasing power
  • Eliminate Employee Theft
  • Special Lottery Inventory Module