Complete Lottery Management In 4 Easy Steps

No more employee lottery theft
  • 1
    Receive Packs
  • 2
    Activate Packs
  • 3
    Take Daily Readings
  • 4
    Settle Packs

As soon as you receive packs in your store. You can enter the inventory into the system by simply scanning the barcode of the first ticket of the pack or by manually entering into the system.

Pre-configured games settings will automatically pull up all the information regarding your lottery pack. This allows you to check how many lottery packs you have in your store at any given day and time.

Activate the individual packs by simply scanning the first ticket on the roll. Rolls can be setup to be used in forward sequence (i.e Starting from 0 and ending with 30 for example) or in reverse order (i.e. Starting from 30 and ending with 0 for example). Our Lottery module will handle the rest. Packs can be setup to automatically be activated upon sales hence reducing the extra steps. It's up to you how you would want to setup the entire process.

Daily readings can be taken in various different ways. You can simply scan all the last ticket numbers into our system at the end of the day close or enter the numbers manually by the box numbers assigned. However you like you can quickly enter all the numbers. Once done our system will immediately calculate and shows you the final sale of the day for all the tickets.

This precise record keeping of each rolls and tickets helps prevent employee theft. One of the biggest headache of the store owner is their own employees using lottery tickets without buying. Out Lottery module will help keep track of every single ticket in every single rolls. All of these by just spending less than 5 minutes of your time at the end of the day

Packs can be settled automatically or manually. As a per your state's requirements settlement process can be configured to be automatically settled after certain days of Pack Activation or when pack is sold out. Pack can also be settled manually when ever you want it to be. We provide various lottery reports to reconciliate the actual amount that you pay to the state. View all your lottery profit including online lotto at your finger print. We provide many lottery related reports to make sure you have full in site of your Lottery sales.

Lottery Sales Dashboard

Track all of your lottery sales, inventory and settlements with various dashboards

The CStoreOnline Lottery Management Module allows users to closely monitor lottery sales, payouts, inventory and reconcile inventory electronically at the end of every shift via the system's software

Our software allows the user to set up games in the system and enter information about sales, purchases and payouts. Users can scan instant tickets at the register and enter sales information about online games so that all lottery data is refreshed at the end of every shift. C-Store Online software automatically enters lottery sales, purchases and payout information into the general ledger at every shift close.

Our customers always know their ticket inventory with these Lottery Module internet-based tools. Use this feature so you can rely on accurate lottery info whenever or wherever you log into the lottery management software.