Accurate Reports Save Money

Get detailed reports about your fuel purchases and sales. Manage your fuel purchasing schedules more efficiently with the accurate up to date fuel inventory, sales and margins information

50+ reports

More reports to facilitate you with all kinds of data you need to make business decisions daily. It allows you to all the reports on daily basis, monthly basis and yearly basis. You can compare reports of each store with one another to get more idea about sales and make better decisions

Reduce Paperwork

Reduce the paperwork and get reports in matter of seconds. Save money and get better return on your investment by getting accurate detailed reports. Make your office staff more efficient and make better decisions to reduce waste with the help of various reports

Increase Accuracy To Make Better Decisions

Eliminate any human errors in your accounting and get data more accurately and in timely fashion. Specific report that tells you top 10 slow moving items to reports that can show you your current inventory.

All the reports at your finger tips

Viewing POS reports was never so Easy & Interactive
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Various Reports.

Our state of the art connector automatically pulls all the reports from your POS register. You can view Live Sales reports online and on the phone. No matter where you go you can always see the live sales/voids/refunds of your stores.

  • Daily Sales Report
  • Live Sales Report
  • View Lottery Sales Data
  • View Fuel Sales Reports
  • More than 50+ Reports
  • Easy and Interactive

Live Sales Dashboard

Some of the features that are gonna blow your mind off